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You can start creating augmented reality art with Snapchat’s 3D Paint

New feature being rolled out now, part of wider build of Snapchat AR Bar

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Those on Snapchat in the Middle East will soon be able to enjoy a new 3D Paint feature, which is beginning to roll out on the app and which offers a quick and fun way to make expressive Snaps to share with friends.

Whether it’s an epic masterpiece or just a quick doodle, 3D Paint allows Snapchatters to create augmented reality (AR) art faster than ever before, in the moment, and right from the Snapchat camera without needing any design or development experience. The front-facing camera can now be used to make selfie designs (including a mirror image for face painting) and the world-facing camera can be used for making colorful line drawings with depth.

The new 3D Paint feature is actually part of a wider rollout of the Snapchat AR Bar. AR Bar makes it easier to discover and navigate Lenses and camera search experiences on Snapchat, featuring four key functions: Create, Scan, Browse, and Explore. 3D Paint is being added to the Create section of AR Bar.

Initially, 3D Paint is supported for Snapchatters running iOS 8+. It will come to Android in the coming months as AR Bar continues to roll out.

The 3D Paint feature builds on Snapchat’s strategy to put the camera at the center of communication between close friends. Today AR helps people create richer, more immersive content that can deepen relationships. As such, the company is making ongoing investments in AR through the Snapchat camera, the Lens Studio platform, and long-term R&D efforts beyond the smartphone, including Snap Lab and the Spectacles team.