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Honeywell showcases range of Android handheld devices

Honeywell is helping to prepare the logistics industry for a shift away from Windows-based handheld devices towards the Android platform.

Gitex, Gitex Technology Week

Honeywell is preparing for a major shift from legacy Windows handheld devices to Android, due to growing digitisation and demands in the logistics industry. It is also dis¬playing a range of Android handheld devices on its stand.

“Many warehouse operators are faced with the challenge of migrat¬ing from legacy Windows devices to Android. We estimate that there are several hundred thousand handheld devices in operation in warehous¬es around the world and less than 100,000 are Android,” Miroslav Kafedzhiev, vice president and gen¬eral manager for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Africa.

Honeywell and its partners pro¬vide support for new Android appli¬cation development and Windows-to-Android migration. Starting with a concept and design workshop, us¬ers can get help with development, test, implementation, deployment and support of Android-based so¬lutions, whether migrating from Windows or starting from scratch.

One of the Android handheld de¬vices it’s displaying at GITEX is the CK65, which is built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, a unified hardware and software architecture with an integrated software toolset that extends asset life, accelerates deployment and simplifies manage¬ment of mobility solutions. “Ours is the only platform that guarantees support through An¬droid,” said Kafedzhiev. “Mobility Edge enables IT departments to reuse their investment in solution development and software certifica¬tion across multiple form factors.”