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Pepper steals the show in concourse 2

Pepper is on display at Softbank Robotics/Jackys stand at GITEX.

Gitex, Gitex Technology Week

Humanoid Robot manufac¬turer Softbank Robotics, in collabo¬ration with local partner Jacky’s Electronics, is at GITEX Technology Week to showcase Pepper and NAO - two robots designed to interact with visitors in any public place.

The star of the show is Pepper, a robot that, since its prototype’s creation in 2014, has seen major developments thanks to the inte¬gration of artificial intelligence in its software.

“We’re here to display our strong continuing relationship with Jacky’s as the master distributor of our ro¬bots in the region,” Softbank’s vice president of sales and marketing Nicolas Boudot told GITEX Times.

Local partner, Jacky’s Electron¬ics’ chief operating officer Ashish Panjabi elaborated, “We’ve had the robots at GITEX more than once, but what’s different this year is our lookout for partners who can develop customised solutions [for various industries], and Pepper’s recent integration of Android.”

Jacky’s is targeting Pepper at lo¬cal retail, banking, and travel and tourism industries, through various use cases. “The key presentation here, apart from our integration of Android, is chatbot use, which ba¬sically embodies as many forms of human-like behaviour that can be developed,” said Boudot.