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Massive volumes of customer data and the advent of AI are transforming the marketing industry.

According to Joakim Leijon, founder and CEO, Whispr Group, GDPR has enforced a level of ‘data privacy’ best practise across the marketing industry.

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The key message would definitely be ‘stop making critical decisions based on gut feelings.’ Data should be informing decisions
and not gut feelings. This is a huge problem for any corporation, in any market. People are using gut feelings to make critical
decisions and it’s really, really bad for business. It’s an older, traditional approach to doing business. Gut feeling hasbeen ruling company decisions for centuries and it still is in many companies, but it’s the traditional companies that are going to die off
if they don’t understand now that data is the new gold.

We’re data and tool-agnostic, so we could work with any type of data. We focus on harvesting actionable insights and strategy for clients across different data sets and different sources, but we have soft spot for online conversation analysis, which means that we’re gathering a lot of data from what consumers are writing online, on blogs, on forums, on social media, on websites, on news sites, all types of open online data.

“I think it [GDPR] was really necessary, but definitely made it harder for companies like us, which I think is good because what Cambridge Analytica did, really put a dent in the trust for companies like Whispr Group.”

We’re using the conversations to inform the strategies. It could be a message that consumers are really into talking about ‘X, Y, and Z’ right now. Or it could beconsumers are loving the person you had in your campaign, or they didn’t like the product you pushed in a certain way. So basically just quickly getting a feedback loop from consumers throughout the whole campaign. And also helping to create the best campaign in the beginning before the creatives get going. No creative should base anything on gut feeling. It should be boxed in with data. The creative solutions should come from there.