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Dynabook announces Windows 10 secured-core pc partnership to offer the most secure devices available

Dynabook Europe announced it is partnering with Microsoft to build the most secure Windows devices available.

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The new class of Windows 10 Secured-core PCs are designed with deep integration between hardware and software, and feature the most advanced CPUs available to ensure resistance to current and future cyber-threats. The first dynabook devices to offer this next-level hardware, software and identity protection right out-of-the-box are available now, making Dynabook one of the first manufacturers to bring Secured-core PCs to market.

- Portégé X30-F and Tecra X40-F – these devices are the first 13” and 14” to be dynabook-branded in the Middle East following the re-brand of Toshiba’s computer business in April of this year.

- Tecra X50F – weighs in at just 1.42kg and boasts a 17-hour battery life.

Secured-core PCs are intended to handle mission-critical data and protect workers in some of the most data-sensitive industries, such as healthcare providers handling medical records and other personally identifiable information (PII), high profile industries targeted for phishing and other attacks, and businesses that employ mobile workers who require access to business-critical information outside of the office.

“Dramatic developments in digital technologies have fuelled the growth and needs of the mobile workforce. Now in an age of mass data proliferation and an increased threat landscape, organisations need to rapidly adapt to this changing environment. Current network infrastructures were not built with the requirements of today’s security in mind,” said Damian Jaume, Managing Director, Dynabook Europe GmbH. “Devices are often the first line of defence for organisations – but those operating in the most data-sensitive of industries need an added layer of security to ensure comprehensive protection. That is why we’re partnering with Microsoft to develop an integrated hardware and software approach to security.”

The Secured-core PC uses hardware-based security components like Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) and modern CPUs along with virtualisation-based security (VBS) and Windows hypervisor code integrity (HVCI) service to create a secure, hardware-isolated environment that effectively isolates memory and critical components to prevent attacks and unauthorised access to critical parts of the operating system.