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What you need to know about EMUI10

EMUI10 Beta rolls-out in September with Huawei P30 series users to be the first to upgrade

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The Chinese smartphone company’s Android OS, EMUI, has come a long way from when we first saw it in back in 2012. Huawei has invested heavily into developing EMUI even further. This has resulted in the all new EMUI10, Huawei’s latest software update, all set to roll out your Huawei smartphone soon.

A whole new look

With EMUI10, Huawei wants aesthetics to balance with functionality. Inspired by the design of a magazine, you now have increased spacing with larger headlines. The drop-down menu does not have any text, allowing for larger icons and easier accessibility. This new design also adds spacing between each notification.

This new style extends itself across the contacts, settings, notepad and the photo gallery apps. There are also a few icon changes here and there.

An updated camera design

Huawei, known for its camera prowess, has an updated camera with EMUI 10. A simpler and clearer background along with a new zoom slider and a stylish look while switching through modes is among the few changes. There are also 11 new filters inclusive of monochrome options. If you are a fan of the Aperture mode, you will also notice that now the level of bokeh is listed by the f-stop instead of just a number.

Muted colors

In a quick look you would see that the EMUI10 now has a more muted or subtle color tone in most of its elements. This new set of colors is the result of mixing light grey to achieve subdued colors and subtle tones. This new look extends all over the user interface and is especially noticeable in the contacts app, where contacts without a picture are given a background of one of the six soft color tones.

The all-new Dark Mode

One of Android Q’s most sought after features is the Dark Mode, which gives the entire interface a darker overhaul, making it more comfortable to use. Huawei has upgraded this with its own Dark Mode in EMUI10, which does more than just switching everything to black. With the EMUI10’s Dark Mode, overall viewing is made more comfortable, thanks to its unique method of adjusting contrast even under changing light conditions. This is the result of the Human Factor research done by Huawei, which tested the reading efficiency and subjective experience of users while using their phones under four different lighting conditions, creating four different color themes for different light conditions.

EMUI10’s Dark Mode also applies to pre-installed apps and even in third-party apps.

Smoother animations

While using EMUI10, animations are now more fluid and natural. Long presses will depress the object lower into the screen before springing up, while swiping speeds and trajectories will affect how the object reacts. This gives users a more natural feel while using their smartphone, which is also complemented by better frame rate during transitions reducing lag and smoothening out the animation.

The HUAWEI P30 series will be the first to get the EMUI 10 Beta update starting September 8 across global markets, followed by the roll out to the HUAWEI Mate 20 series and other Huawei smartphones in line.