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Panasonic launches ultra-wide angle 4K PTZ camera for the professional AV market

The AW-UE4 features a 1/2.5” image sensor that delivers a 111° field of view

The AW-UE4KGN 4K AV Camera
The AW-UE4KGN 4K AV Camera

Panasonic is all set for the Middle East debut of the AW-UE4, the latest addition to the brand’s industry-leading PTZ camera range.  Designed to deliver performance and greater flexibility for the professional broadcast and AV market, the AW-UE4 features, including 4K 3840 X 2160 resolution images, an ultra-wide viewing angle of 111° degrees, high-quality connectivity and video output via HDMI, LAN and USB.

Compact in design and available in two colors – white (AW-UE4WG) and black (AW-UE4KG) – this PTZ camera can handle corner to corner wide-angle video capture across a variety of applications.

“The AW-UE4 is jam-packed with impressive features and innovations that make this camera suitable for high-resolution and superior video capture even in the most difficult of shooting conditions and across a wide range of applications.” Yasuo Yamasaki – Director, System Solutions & Communications Division, Panasonic

Key Features:

• High-Quality 4K 30p/25p Video Output

The camera offers a 1/2.5-type 8M pixels single sensor to capture quality 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution images, and supports a variety of video formats with 30p/29.97p/25p.

• Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens with a 111° Field of View

From classroom lectures to corporate meetings to live outdoor sports production, the AW-UE4’s compact design and features make it well suited for both large and small production spaces.

• Single Cable Solution

The unit supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) supply and can used as a USB camera, which can be powered from a computer with a single cable solution for video transmission, camera control and power supply. 

• Flexible and High-Level Connectivity

The camera provides complete flexibility with three video output terminals of HDMI, LAN and USB connectivity. It features RTSP/RTMP support for direct upload of video to live-streaming platforms such as YouTube, at the same time making it an ideal choice for live production.