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Virgin Mobile offers customers 500 free local minutes every month with new Family Plan

The Family plan offers customers an easy way to manage multiple mobile plans through a single account

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Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has launched, Family Plans - a mobile offering which brings together SIMs, free minutes in one place to help Virgin Mobile customers easily manage their family’s mobile services.

Customers can now add up to four mobile plans onto their account, making it easier for families to set up and manage a mobile plan for each family member. Once added, both the primary account holder as well as the added SIMs get 500 free local minutes every month on top of their plan.

Available via the Virgin Mobile app, the new Family Plan option is fully customizable for each additional member, allowing families to mix and match their data and minutes via the Virgin Mobile app to suit everyone’s needs. For example, while one family member might need a lot of international minutes, another might just need data for social media. That makes it ideal for families with kids, or even residents with overseas visitors.

“Our customers have been asking for multiple SIM options and the launch of this new feature highlights Virgin Mobile’s mission to continuously listen to the needs of our customers and propose innovative solutions that offer value and a wide range of choice. This proposition will not only offer great value with its 500 free local minutes for each added SIM but also real family life benefits with the flexibility, control and convenience it provides. This benefit is available for everyone without being locked into a lengthy contract or paying for functions customers do not use.” Karim Benkirane, Managing Director at Virgin Mobile UAE.

Once the primary account holder has successfully chosen their plan and had their account activated, they can then select ‘Add New SIM’ on the Virgin Mobile app, selecting to add up to four additional SIMs to the account. The additional SIMs will then be delivered directly to their door within an hour by Virgin Mobile’s dedicated driver team.

The 500 free local minutes offer is valid on all Virgin Mobile plans over AED 79, including 6- and 12-month plans and VIP plans for a limited period only.