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A quick primer to YouTube Music

Google is really trying hard to push its premium music service as it competes in the same space as Spotify, Deezer, Anghami and Apple Music. Here's a quick look at what the service does .

A quick primer to YouTube Music
Youtube Premium

If you've been annoyed that YouTube can't remain open as an app when you try and lock your screen whenever you want to listen to Music, Google has 'conveniently' allowed you to do so if you want to pay for the privilege with its premium service.

With a lot of music going on youtube especially with artists tying up with labels like Vevo, Youtube music serves as a personal guide through the complete world of music.  New releases, official albums, music videos, playlists, remixes, live performances, covers, artist radio... and hard to find music you could only get on YouTube through some obscure upload.

Here's what YouTube will offer including newly launched updates like seamless switching between video & song.

Your personal soundtrack. No matter your jam, YouTube Music is completely customised for you. The Home screen dynamically adapts to provide recommendations based on what you’ve played before, where you are, and what you’re doing. For a playlist made just for you, check out Your Mixtape for a spot-on mix of your favourites based on everything we know about your musical tastes. I personally prefer Spotify's algorithm however. 

  • If you have Location services enabled, you’ll see even more customised recommendations, like 90s Pop Workout when you’re at the gym.

Experiencing a shift in musical taste? Adjust the artists you want to hear from in your settings. Press on setting > Recommendations > Improve your recommendations > and pick the artists you want to hear more from.

Offline Play: Whether you’re on a long flight  or, road-trippin’ in along the UAE, or far from any cell signal in the mountains of Hatta, don’t miss a beat. For members of the paid version of YouTube Music, your Offline Mixtape will automatically download on your mobile device. With hours of personalized music waiting for you, it’s a lifesaver, especially if you forget to download music in advance and want to go on a trip.

  •  Smarter downloads: Opt into ‘smart downloads’ to automatically download even more music based on your listening history. Smart downloads will automatically download up to 250 songs, but can be adjusted up to as many as 100 songs, or down to as few as you’d like. Downloads are refreshed every night when you're connected to Wi-Fi, so you’ll never waste data. Available on Android devices for now.

Switch from song to video with one tap. Imagine listening to a new summer hit by your favourite artist and having the ability to seamlessly switch over to watch the music video -- no pauses, no interruptions, just a simple transition that keeps the music flowing! Now subscribers of YouTube Music Premium can flip between songs and music videos with a simple tap of a button, unique to youtube's services.

Hosting a party?  For your favourite music videos on loop, push YouTube Music to your TV via Chromecast by tapping the ‘cast’ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Find exactly what you’re looking for with Smart Search. Youtube will find the song, even if you can’t remember what it’s called. You can also search by lyrics (even if they’re wrong). You can even search for "summer" to find a treasure trove of playlists for the season: from Summer Dance Classics for party animals to California Dreamin' for surf & sun, plus many more for every musical taste.

  • Party trick: Did you know YouTube Music search also works with emojis? Put the firework emoji and you'll get a familiar song in the search feed.

Queue up the Ultimate Family Party playlist -- safe for kids and fun for parents. If your family is the musical sort you can sign up for a Family Plan ( 29.99 AED per month) to get the most out of YouTube Music Premium for up to 6 family members (ages 13+) in the same household.

  • Also consider: For more family-friendly content, head to Settings and select ‘Restricted mode’ to hide videos that may contain inappropriate content; no filter is 100% accurate 100% of the time but it should help you avoid most inappropriate content.

Is it the weekend yet? With the weekend comes new release Friday, with the freshest new music just in time for the weekend. Check out the New Releases shelf on your Home page for a personalised selection of new singles and albums.

Save on data & bandwidth while you’re away. To reduce mobile data charges, head to Settings where you can indicate streaming audio and/or HD video via Wi-Fi only and change audio quality while on mobile networks.

Stay on top of culture with the Hotlist. For the most popualr videos everyone will be talking about this summer, stay ahead of the curve with the Hotlist. And after watching some videos, check back on your Home tab to see a personalised music video shelf and recommended live performance videos based on your history.

To get even more out of YouTube, upgrade to YouTube Premium for the benefits of Music Premium, plus uninterrupted ad-free, background, and downloads across all of YouTube (on the main YouTube app and website). (23.99 AED per month; 35.99 AED for Family Plan).

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