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Etisalat and du mark Dubai Metro anniversary

Users on Etisalat, du networks can see ‘Dubai Metro’ icon along top of phone screens commemorating the milestone

The Dubai Metro
Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai
The Dubai Metro

If you noticed your network name show Dubai Metro, that's just the telecom operators way of celebrating the transport system's 10 year anniversary. Etisalat and du network users both observed the name change on Monday. 

A technological marvel in itself and an enormous undertaking, the Dubai Metro was one of the few automated transit systems designed to tackle traffic congestion and link the city. With tickets starting at a few dirhams. it's the most popular means to traverse within Dubai. The Dubai Metro has recorded 101 million trips between January and June in this year alone and about 1.5 billion passengers have used it since it opened a decade ago on the iconic 9.9.09 date. 

Etisalat and du routintely change their network names on residential users marking different ocassions in the UAE.