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Jacky’s hunts for partners at GITEX 2019

Jacky’s will showcase SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper at the exhibition.


Jacky’s Business Solutions, distributor for SoftBank Robotics in the Middle East for Pepper and its other robotic products, is looking for potential partners to expand its reach in the region. Jacky’s is also using the event to showcase the wider applications for SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper in customer and visitor management.

The distributor is also displaying its Robot Content Management Systems (RCMS) used to update Pepper. Jacky’s RCMS allows end customers or resellers to manage or update content on the Pepper robot as easily as they would a website.

As cloud-based software, RCMS reduces the need for complex propartners as new industry sectors deploy Pepper,” said Ashish Panjabi, COO at Jacky’s Business Solutions.

“This year, we are specifically looking to partner with those that are experienced in developing chatbots, AI software development, loyalty systems, banking systems, travel systems and other B2B software solutions, especially those in Arabic that could work with a robot,” he added.

With RCMS, Jacky’s can now make it easier to deploy and reduce the learning curve for potential partners and enable them to capitalise on their existing customer relationships.

Jacky’s will provide the second level of support for both hardware and software through its service facilities.gramming and setup time needed for deploying a fleet of robots or making changes to content.