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Microsoft makes fun of itself in a music video

Employees and Interns at Microsoft took quite a bit of time to create, Microsoft, the Musical and we'd watch this on Broadway!

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Several hundred staff and interns came together to create this glorious treasure on the internet. 

Microsoft, the Musical is a tongue in cheek by the software corporation that tells the story of how Windows came to be and the journey thus far. The music video was filmed on the Redmond corporate campus in a broadway style video on how it's “all happening here.”

From the idolism of Bill Gates to a few zingers dropped like “all around the world our products are well known, except for when we tried to make a phone!”. The musical spares no expense mocking a few of its shortcomings like Windows Vista and Windows Phone. There's even a reference to the old and familiar Office Assistant, Clippy.

It certainly is quite wholesome for Microsoft to allow it to happen, given that the video was posted on an independent channel. They certainly could work with this considering that Steve Balmer is a bit of a showman himself as we never forgot with his famous "developers, developers, developers" chant.