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Belkin’s new power bank 2k adds 63 hours of battery life for Apple watches

A compact and lightweight power bank design designed to be put in your pocket

Designed for Apple Watch owners in need of a rapid charge solution, or for an alternative charging source on the go, Belkin’s Boost ChargePower Bank 2K is an ideal choice for Apple Watch users.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design that fits easily into a pocket or go-bag, the portable power bank’s 2200 mAh battery extends the use time of an Apple Watch by a solid 63 extra hours. The MFi-certified power bank is suited for recharging the Apple Watch multiple times every day, and supports Nightstand Mode, which enables the watch’s alarm features while charging.

“For Middle East Apple Watch users on the go, there is nothing worse than losing access to your watch’s features because of a drained battery,” said Fawad Mir, Sales Director, Belkin, Middle East and Africa. “Belkin’s new Boost ChargePower Bank 2K is a robust charging solution that not only extends your watch’s use time by an additional 63 hours, but also supports Nightstand Mode, making it an ideal choice for those taking an overnight trip.”

The power bank leverages the same patented technology behind the Boost Charge family of power products. For example, the device comes equipped with smart circuitry that detects the connected Apple Watch and delivers optimal charging.

Additional features include LED indicators that help the user monitor battery life, along with smart sensors that can initiate a shutdown when irregularities with the unit are detected. In the event of damages sustained during regular charging, Belkin’s Connected Equipment Warranty will cover the repair or replacement of the unit up to a value of $2,500.

Belkin’s Boost Charge Power Bank 2K is now available at all major retail and online stores for AED 299.