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CA gets hip to threats with security system

Software vendor CA has released a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) combining firewall, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems.

The CA HIPS offering, which is available through authorised resellers in the Middle East, monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic, and enables centralised management of access control policies.

CA claimed the centrally managed threat protection that the system provided for PCs and servers enabled IT departments to quickly and efficiently implement best practice security policies for system endpoints across an enterprise.

Abdul Karim Riyaz, regional director for CA's storage and protection business unit in the EMEA Eastern market, said solutions such as CA's HIPS system were becoming increasingly important due to the rising number of threats.

"By providing another powerful yet easy to administer layer of defence to existing enterprise security architectures, CA HIPS is helping customers further minimise their exposure to IT-related risks without putting undue strain on their budgets," Riyaz added.