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Nokia shores up N-series portfolio

Market leader introduces handsets and accessories at CES

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has unveiled the latest additions to its N-series range with the introduction of the N93i and N76 models at CES 2007 in Las Vegas, USA.

The company highlighted the high aesthetics and functionality of its self-proclaimed ‘multimedia computer' handsets at CES.

"We did not want to compromise the N-series experience when we designed the N76 and N93i handsets," said Pekka Pohjakallio, VP of Multimedia at Nokia.

Nokia also highlighted the multimedia features of the new handsets and their ability to provide consumers with the option of sharing DVD-quality video content online.

"With devices such as the N93i, we believe that video could become a mass market phenomenon like mobile photography," claimed Satu Ehrnrooth, head of Nokia N-series Cameras Category, Multimedia, Nokia. "The N93i represents an ideal device for user-created video content. Users can instantly upload video clips in their original size directly from their handset to online blogs or video communities."

Nokia president and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo declared that digital convergence was at the heart of the company's global strategy.

"Single purpose devices are less attractive to consumers; they're being replaced by convergence devices that are becoming increasingly powerful," he said. "Ultimately, convergence has to mean convenience with little compromise. With the N76, we've been able to offer consumers a beautifully designed product that outperforms the competition while being easy to use."

The N76 boasts an expandable memory capacity of up to 2GB that Nokia claims enables the storage of up to 1500 MP3 tracks; an FM radio receiver; advanced video recording capabilities; and a 2.4-inch 16 million colour display.

Nokia claims the N93i's 3G, Bluetooth and UPnP connectivity provides users with expanded opportunities to share videos at home and online.

The MPEG 4-enabled handset also has the capacity to upload content online directly from the handset using WLAN technology.

The N-series handsets were complemented by the launch of Nokia's latest additions to its BH- Bluetooth headset range.

The BH100, BH201 and BH301 headsets are available in a variety of colours and sizes.