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Intel and Baidu to work on AI, self-driving cars

The global silicon maker and the Chinese AI company will also be working on 5G-based services by pooling in both their tech to further their respective research points.

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On Thursday, global tech organization Intel announced its collaboration with Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) and internet company Baidu for further research on AI, autonomous driving, and 5G, following the two companies signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening their partnership in Baidu's core business areas over the next three years.

Intel and Baidu, according to the former's statement to the press, will be working together to bring high-performance capabilities to the latter's AI cloud, mobile search/feed, video streaming, Baidu's AI-powered voice assistant DuerOS, their deep learning platform PaddlePaddle, their AI platform BaiduBrain, and their autonomous driving platform Apollo. 

The two parties will reportedly invest in tech based on current Intel innovations, including power and cooling solutions in the data center, the Xeon scaling platform, their Optane DC Persistent Memory and solid-state drives, silicon photonics, ethernet, AI accelerators, and software stack.