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Belkin releases Boost Up wireless charging and phone cooling mount

Fast in-car charging for your Galaxy or iPhone ‘hugged’ wirelessly on your A/C vent

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Belkin has introduced the Boost Up Wireless Charging Vent Mount, an in-car solution that cools your device while charging your phone.

You can mount the charger to the car's air-conditioning vent which ‘hugs' your device in portrait or landscape mode, with adjustable brackets that fit all current Apple and Samsung phone models.

As temperature affects charge speed, proximity to the A/C vent will help with the fast, reliable charge provided by the Boost Up, while keeping your device safely gripped, at least that's the company's intention.

With traffic management data analysts estimating that drivers in the UAE spend between 50-80 hours per year in rush-hour traffic, solutions like the charge mount can help the Emirates' population to stay rapidly, safely, and comfortably charged while on their roadtrips.

"The Gulf has one of the world's highest penetration rates for car ownership, and some of the hottest daily temperatures on record for several months per year, making it an ideal market for the convenience and reliability of Belkin's Boost Up Wireless Charging Vent Mount," said Fawad Mir, Sales Director, Belkin, Middle East and Africa. "This new solution enables you and your phone to keep cool and arrive at any commute or road trip destination fully powered."

Belkin's Boost Up Wireless Charging Vent Mount is compatible with the majority of non-metal, lightweight mobile cases, and is now available in all major retail and online stores, for AED 299.