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Google's trying social networking again with Shoelace

Shoelace is Google's new attempt at 'hyperlocal' social networking.

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Google is giving social networking a go with a more different approach post Google+ debacles.

Shoelace is no Google+ however, it's what you'd call a hyperlocal social network designed to make you meet people in real life specifically for events. Shoelace wil let you create listings for events or activities and allow you to invite your neighborhood or friends to join in.

The app is currently being test run in New York and is out on iOS and Android but you'll only be able to get in through an invite, much like gmail when it first started. Oddly enough, some would remember Shoelace is reminiscent of another app Schemer that was around in 2011 that did the same thing until Google shut it down in 2014. Now five years later, maybe Google thinks it could be the right time.