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Sony launches new personal audio line-up in the UAE with Extra Bass Speakers

An easy to carry design and improved durability will allow you to enjoy your music in a variety of settings

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Sony refreshes its Extra Bass wireless speaker line up in the UAE with the addition of the SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 portable speakers.

The XB22 and XB32 have dual passive radiators which work together with stereo full range speakers to enhance low-end tones and give bass a boost, despite the compact size.

With Live Sound mode now available on the XB22 and XB32, it provides a three-dimensional music experience simulating a live venue. Live Sound mode expands the service area of the sound via angled speakers and Digital Signal Processing technology. The range is ideal for hip-hop, dance and rap music lovers with bass at the heart of their music taste.

With the easy-to-grab design and a built-in accelerometer, the XB22 and XB32 feature a Party Booster. The speakers react when you tap on them and create unique lighting and sound effects. You can customize your party with voice control, a new style motion control feature and an interactive party light enabled with the app.

The speakers have an IP67 rating which means that they are resistant to water and dust with a washable fabric. The XB32 and XB22 are also rustproof and shockproof and as the company puts it, Party Proof.

With a long battery life of up to 24 hours and a portable and compact design with a carry handle, the XB32 can even charge your smartphone.The SRS-XB22 is priced at AED399 and SRS-XB32 is priced at AED 599, available at Sony Boutique store in The Dubai Mall, and other electronic outlets across the UAE.