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Majority of UAE residents think their smart device is spying on them

According to a YouGov survey, people feel about technology reveals that many have concerns about data privacy

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Half of the people in the UAE think that their smart devices are spying on their lives, new YouGov research reveals.

With sensitive information being put more on the internet than ever before, it's understandable that residents, now by default exercise caution when it comes to using their tech. YouGov says "A majority (55%) of residents believe that their devices record personal information without their knowledge. The results show that men are more likely than women to think like that (58% vs 50%)."

YouGov’s data finds that the most commonly owned devices are also the ones people are most likely to think are monitoring them. While 85% of people own a smartphone, 55% believe the technology is spying on them. Similarly, when it comes to a computer/laptop with a webcam, the figures are 57% (who use) and 36% (who think it is spying on them), respectively.

However, there are a couple of cases where levels of belief that devices are monitoring their lives outstrips ownership. While 15% of UAE residents use security cameras, more than twice this number (32%) believe that they spy on them. It is a similar case with smart voice assistants (18% think they are monitoring their lives and 9% use them).