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First logistics AI voice agent officially launched in the UAE

Fero officially introduces TiA (Ai Voice Agent for the Logistics Industry) at the AI Everything Summit

First logistics AI voice agent officially launched in the UAE

Fero has formally launched their AI freight interface at the Ai Everything Summit. For the very first time in the region, Fero has introduced an AI-enabled voice agent for the logistics industry- a technology that will replace repetitive human interaction and virtually remove any room for human error. So what exactly is Fero ?It's an Ai powered freight management platform and is introducing and building the world's 1st Ai-assisted voice agent for logistics. Revolutionizing an industry where over 95% of activities in any given transaction requires human intervention in a rather monotonous manner Fero aims to change things up with the combination of futuristic technologies being applied in creating solutions that bring together all stakeholders involved by eradicating possibilities of human interaction, error and dependency, with the aim to automate freight transactions end-to-end, globally.

"All stakeholders in the freight environment including airlines, shipping lines, vehicle fleet owners, freight forwarders, shippers have different IT software setups... I'm not saying that current technologies are incorrect, but rather that they are incomplete when it comes to lateral scalability" said Abhinav Chaudhary in his keynote address. "At Fero, we truly believe that TiA is the Logistician of Industry 4.0 and will revolutionize the future of freight." said Arjun Bhasin, CTO, Fero.

On being asked to explain more, Arjun added, "Fero is an intelligence freight management platform which encompasses various technologies of AI including natural language processing where TiA, our chat bot comes into the picture. It also uses machine learning, where we use Predictive Analytics to give best prices and other things to our clients. It also has computer vision where clients and warehouses can implement this technology and enforce compliances and it also has blockchain. So Fero addresses all of these technologies as a whole as freight is our forte."

"We are proud of our products, there is no doubt that the freight industry is ripe for the 2nd generation of digital transformation, but we also equally pride ourselves for being born in the UAE and placing the region on the global Ai Innovation Map. Lets bring Silicon Valley here!" added Naseer Ahmed, Chief Strategy Officer, Fero.

TiA can seamlessly be integrated into daily processes- a technology-powered with machine learning and computer vision to connect all business functions and remove major issues that occur within the freight industry.

On being asked how it would affect regular consumers and if the system will replace anything presently, Arjun had this to say: "Logistics touches everybody's lives but it's a very opaque industry. Everything you're using, including this cell-phone used to record this interview is made possible because of freight. To a normal consumer these things are not visible but one thing is and that's price.

We all would love to have services and products cheaper, the only way that's possible is if the entire process is streamlined, that's the key idea here. That's where we leverage machine learning and follow compliance. Traditional ERP systems get a new user experience, early adopters who are tech savy will catch on this system quite quickly. It won't replace any freight systems, it connects all of them together. If artificial intelligence does fail, there's a backend team that's human controlled and failsafes are implemented."

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