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Dell EMC Advances Server Portfolio

Dell EMC OpenManage and iDRAC systems management enhancements to deliver greater control, automation and security features for PowerEdge servers

Servers, Server consolidaton, Dell EMC (emc.com/)
Servers, Server consolidaton, Dell EMC (emc.com/)
Dell EMC OpenManage and iDRAC systems management enhancements to deliver greater control, automation and security features for PowerEdge servers
Dell EMC today announced several advancements to Dell EMC PowerEdge servers offering improved management, security, performance and scalability for customers’ every day workloads. These advancements to PowerEdge servers and OpenManage systems management further enable a secure, scalable compute platform as the ideal foundation for cloud, analytics and software-defined data center initiatives.

“As organisations rapidly keep pace with growing sets of information and data, they’re also adopting more advanced applications to generate greater insights with digital transformation efforts,” said Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, president, Server and Infrastructure Systems, Dell EMC.

“Making the industry-leading PowerEdge server portfolio even stronger, we are enabling our customers to benefit from additional automation, control and security with more responsive and powerful systems.” added Gorakhpurwalla

According to IDC’s latest research, Dell EMC continued to be No. 1 in both x86 server revenue and units shipped globally in an industry that saw its greatest demand ever during 2018. The analyst firm’s research found worldwide server vendor revenues increased 12.6 percent year-over-year to $23.6 billion, during the fourth quarter of 2018, marking the fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth and the all-time high for total revenue in any quarter ever.

For x86 servers, Dell EMC has held or shared the leading position for revenue for six consecutive quarters and for units shipped for over the past two years.

“We are seeing the IT system and service management software market growing more than 7% through 2023. This is driven by a need to automate and manage greater efficiency across increasingly complex on-premises, private cloud, public cloud and multi-cloud environments. We’re seeing Dell Technologies refining its OpenManage suite of capabilities to deliver a robust management platform for these more modern, dynamic IT infrastructures.” Tim Grieser, vice president, system management software, IDC Research

Dell EMC offers advanced infrastructure to tackle for more advanced workloads

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver an automated, secure and scalable platform, allowing businesses to balance operational efficiency and strategic initiatives. This supports organisations tasked with driving higher engagement with customers and meeting strict SLAs while adopting new workloads and meeting new business objectives.

Advancements to Dell EMC PowerEdge and Dell EMC OpenManage systems management offer customers more control to manage their server infrastructure and to mitigate threats, backed by a new boost in performance and scalability.

Among the new features, the introduction of OpenManage FlexSelect Manage and FlexSelect Secure provides improved flexibility for managing and securing PowerEdge systems.


Dell EMC OpenManage updates will be generally available across the PowerEdge portfolio throughout the second quarter of 2019.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R940, R740, R740xd, R740xd2, R640, and C6420 servers with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors have planned global availability on April 16, 2019. Additional PowerEdge servers, including those for PowerEdge MX, will be globally available with the processor upgrade in the second quarter of 2019.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC with Intel Deep Learning Boost will be globally available on April 23, 2019.

These updated PowerEdge servers will become available as the foundation for Dell EMC Ready Solutions and the Dell EMC hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio in 2019.