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Airbus offers critical communications solutions

Airbus competition tasked startups to create inventive solutions for public safety

Airbus held a competition to develop critical safety apps.
Airbus held a competition to develop critical safety apps.

Airbus has concluded its 'Critical App Challenge for the Middle East' at GITEX Technology Week 2018.

Since August, start-ups from throughout the region have competed to create inventive digital solutions to facilitate the work of public safety and/or private organisations. This challenge contributes to a digital ecosystem for the secure device Tactilon Dabat, the first Tetra radio and Android smartphone.

Selim Bouri, Vice-President and Head of Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific for Secure Land Communications at Airbus, said: "Today, we give concrete answers to public safety questions when it comes to professional communication. The Middle East is the leading region for professional communication with the most advanced mobile networks worldwide for public safety."

He added: "Police officers or firefighters want to benefit from virtual reality, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. That's the reason why Airbus has set the ground for developing these communication technologies for public safety."

Airbus has also used its time at Nedaa's stand at GITEX to exhibit the application Tactilon Agnet, which allows multimedia group communication for smartphone and Tetra network users.

The Tactilon Dabat received the International Critical Communications Award 2018 in the category "Best evolution to future broadband" and the Intersec Award 2018 "Innovative Security Product of the Year."