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Mimecast launches Web Security Service

Cloud-based service to block malicious content across multiple channels

Security service designed to block malicious content.
Security service designed to block malicious content.

Mimecast has launched its new cloud-based web security service, which is intended to block malicious threats coming though email, web, IMS and other channels.

The Mimecast Web Security Service has been designed to be managed with the same administration console that customers use to manage Mimecast's existing email services. This offers an easy-to-deploy and manage defense against advanced phishing and malware attacks being delivered to employees by both email, web, instant messaging systems, social network sites, and ad networks.

Jamie Fernandes, director of product management for web security at Mimecast, said: "Commonalities between email and web threat intelligence and detective analytics help improve the security defenses against both vectors whether used by attackers separately or together. The new web security service is designed to allow customers to broaden and improve their protection from attacks occurring via email and the web, using a single integrated service. We're excited about our ability to significantly expand our customers' defense systems by extending the power of our Mime|OS threat detection technologies and the global grid powered by 30,000+ customers we're protecting around the globe."