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GoPro launches new HERO7 Black

New lineup of GoPro cameras features enhanced video stabilization, edit mode and social sharing

GoPro's new HERO7 Black features capability to instantly share footage to social channels.
GoPro's new HERO7 Black features capability to instantly share footage to social channels.

GoPro has announced a new lineup of its cameras, including new features for video stabilization, editing and sharing.

The new flagship GoPro camera, the HERO7 Black, includes a new HyperSmooth feature which provides video stabilization that is normally only available with a gimbal. HyperSmooth gives smooth, professional-looking videos like a motorized work underwater and in high-shock and wind situations where gimbals fail.

The HERO7 Black also has a new effect - TimeWarp Video applies a high-speed, ‘magic-carpet-ride' effect to your videos. The effect can compress a walkthrough or long tracking shot into a smooth, sped-up video that shows the whole experience in seconds.

HERO7 Black is the first GoPro to live stream, enabling users to automatically share in real time to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms internationally

"HERO7 Black is the GoPro we've all been waiting for," said GoPro founder, Nick Woodman. "With HyperSmooth video stabilization, HERO7 Black is a camera anyone can use to capture amazingly smooth, professional looking shots of their favorite activities. And they can do it live."

GoPro has also a new HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White models, which are aimed at entry and mid-level users respectively. Both cameras are compact, rugged, and waterproof to 33 feet, with voice command or button inputs and automatic filming features, plys improved video stabilization.

All models are available in the UAE now, with the HERO7 Black retailing for AED 1,649, the 4K HERO7 Silver is AED1,249 and the 1080p HERO7 White is AED 899.

GoPro has also launched a competition for HERO7 Black owners to win a share of a $1m prize pot. Beginning September 27 worldwide, users can submit their best HERO7 Black raw video clips to the Million Dollar Challenge. Our creative team will pick their favorite shots for the highlight reel and award an equal cut of a million dollars to the individuals whose footage is selected.