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DTEC Forum to discuss future of smart cities

Silicon Oasis incubator hosts discussion of future cities technology and challenges

The upcoming Dtec Forum will discuss smart city technologies and challenges.
The upcoming Dtec Forum will discuss smart city technologies and challenges.

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) will discuss the future of smart cities at its upcoming Dtec Forum.

The public event will take place on 18th September, at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (Dtec), Silicon Oasis' tech incubation hub.

The forum will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and specialists, as well as stakeholders in technology, smart solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), digital information services, energy, and infrastructure. The event will discuss smart cities and the current challenges and potential solutions to building thriving smart cities around the world.

The forum will also outline the latest developments on the Silicon Park project, DSOA's own smart city project.

Shahla Abdul Razak, Deputy CEO of DSOA, said: "Integrating policies and legislations that regulate the process of building sustainable smart cities, qualified digital technology specialists, and public-private partnerships are vital to the success of future smart cities.

"With Silicon Park, we have leveraged these very elements via cutting-edge, smart solutions to ensure a game-changing impact on energy and sustainability, lifestyle, sporting activities, mobility and transportation, business offerings and operations.

"With the enabling environment available to entrepreneurs in the communications, IoT, automation, AI, and sustainability sectors, Silicon Park will become a role model for smart city projects in the region. It will also contribute to achieving the Smart Dubai vision, and enhance Dubai's and the wider UAE's rankings on global innovation, competitiveness, and entrepreneurship indices."

The Dtec Forum is a periodic event that convenes global experts to discuss pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities in the tech and AI sectors.