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Oman Arab Bank selects Trend Micro solutions

OAB secures operations with Trend Micro solutions

Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has selected Trend Micro for its DR security.

OAB , which has more tan 65 branches, has deployed Trend solutions to ensure best security practices, and to address security threats as it continues to increase its use of technology.

 "Investing in the best security for our IT infrastructure is of supreme important to us, as we continue to expand our business. We needed a security solution that was flexible enough to integrate into our existing landscape, and had the ability to help us evolve, whilst protecting our digital platforms. In Trend Micro we have found the ideal security partner," commented Mustafa Surour, Oman Arab Bank. 

OAB faces stealthy targeted attacks, custom designed to penetrate standard defences, and poised to monetize intellectual property and customer information, or to encrypt essential data for ransom. OAB ‘s evolving IT infrastructure needed an instinctive security solution that was forward-looking, easily scalable, and capable of meeting the constant security demands.

"Trend Micro helps companies embrace cyber security technologies securely. Our layered security model is ideally suited to help financial institutions like Oman Arab Bank, remain protected against the high volume of threats that target the bank on a daily basis," commented Bilal Baig, Technical Director, MENA, Trend Micro. 

The bank has deployed a number of Trend Micro solutions, including Deep Discovery advanced threat protection, data centre server protection, IPS, and DLP protection.