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Avaya releases updated Workforce Optimisation suite

Software update includes data privacy improvements and real-time voice analytics

Avaya has updated its Workforce Optimisation suite.
Avaya has updated its Workforce Optimisation suite.

Avaya has released a new version of its Workforce Optimization suite, with new features and tools to improve service quality, operational and employee productivity and data privacy.

The software update is intended to help companies to transform customer engagement, and to meet new and emerging regulations including GDPR.

IDC research commissioned by Avaya found that employee productivity is a key driver of digital transformation - a necessary step that sets the groundwork through which enterprises are better prepared to achieve the higher revenue growth associated with a better customer experience. While optimizing the customer experience and service delivery is critical to winning and keeping business, only 28% of companies believe they integrate customer communications with fulfillment and delivery extremely well.

"While more and more companies understand that providing a great customer experience is good business, many have a long way to go to bringing all the parts together that make that a reality," said Chris McGugan, Avaya SVP, Solutions and Technologies. "Customer experience is a function of fully integrated, customer-facing, efficient and effective workforce support and back office processes. Avaya Workforce Optimization helps ensure that the employees engaged in service delivery meet the standard of excellence that customers expect and deserve, and helps drive business profitability and growth."

Among the new features of Avaya Workforce Optimization are enhanced data privacy to comply with GDPR; real-time speech analytics to detect specific words and phrases in conversations to improve interactions; and automated quality management to support supervisors and quality managers in monitoring interactions.