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Pivot3 seeks to recruit channel partners in MEA

Initiative is part of the vendor’s plan to strengthen its hyperconverged solutions in the data centre

Chakravarthi says Pivot3 is looking to work with a variety of channel partners across MEA.
Chakravarthi says Pivot3 is looking to work with a variety of channel partners across MEA.

Pivot3, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) performance and technology vendor for enterprise IT workloads, has said it is seeking to engage and recruit solution providers and systems integrators (SI) in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market.

The plan, stated the vendor, comes as it moves to cement its hyperconverged solutions business in the data centre in the MEA geography.

Anand Chakravarthi, area vice president, Pivot3, said although the hyperconverged business is in its early stages of adoption in the region, it is technology for the future and the company is already making significant progress.

Chakravarthi said Pivot3 started its business in the MEA market in the surveillance space and in the last two to three years, the company has done very well in the hyper-converged infrastructure space, especially on the data centre side of the business.

He added that to augment the momentum in the regional channel, Pivot3 appointed Redington Value as its distributor for the data centre business, as well as NIT, part of Ingram Micro, which has been distributing the surveillance solutions for five years now.

Chakravarthi said that Pivot3 provides easy to use and efficient solutions that deliver intelligence and automation to simplify multi-cloud environments and workloads. "Pivot3's advanced intelligence engine combines policy-based management, inference and orchestration capabilities, and performance to automate management, resource allocation, workload mobility and data placement across hybrid cloud environments," he said.

He added that on the channel front, having Redington Value as a tier one distributor for the data centre business reinforced the business with channel partners. "We are also going around the region talking and engaging with channel partners," he said. "Some of the channel partners have been working with us for some time now, but we are encouraging them to sign up with us and organising events to outline our technology offerings."

He explained that there has been a lot of interest in the market around what Pivot3 technology is all about. "We are planning multiple events to generate lead generation interest from the end customer and take them through our technology portfolio in terms of our differentiation and why we are unique," he said.

Chakravarthi pointed out that Pivot3 is looking to work with a mix bag of channel partners across MEA. "I think the dynamics in the market are changing in terms of channel unlike in the past when typically vendors would work with the bigger solution providers and systems integrators," he noted. "Now, this is changing in that we are looking to work with partners who are not as big, but are very focused in terms of the technology and solutions they offer to the end customer. Even the end customers are now preferring to work with very niche, focused partners rather than a broad-based reseller."

"We intend to limit the number of channel partners per country and will only work with hand-picked partners, limited to a few partners per country," he said. "The UAE is probably the largest market for us so we will have partners distributed between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We are likely going to have maybe four or five partners who are committed to succeeding along with us."

Chakravarthi said through the on-boarding process, Pivot3 intends to hire and cherry pick channel partners across the region in terms of the focused countries that the company is going to go after. "UAE is one for sure, Saudi Arabia we are doing a lot of work and we are also going after Egypt," he said. "In Egypt we are doing a lot business and we are also doing a lots of work in South Africa. We are gaining a lot of interest and traction in South Africa as well."

Chakravarthi added that on the market outreach side, Pivot3 has been platforming on Dell as the OEM hardware platform since 2011. However, Chakravarthi said about a year and half ago, the company signed up with Lenovo as its go-to-market partner in terms of hardware. "We double ping jointly our sales strategies together with Lenovo. Lenovo is very interested to take our story into the market and we work with their sales teams to take us to their customers in the market," he said. "That said, we still do Dell although after the acquisition of EMC, that has created a bit of conflict for us," he said. "Lenovo is a natural partner for us because there is no conflict of interest even though they do work with some competitors of ours. This is a global engagement that we have with Lenovo."

Chakravarthi said going forward, the company has all the channel-related systems set up in the region. "We have a channel portal and we have an enrolment programme for channels and partners can enrol on our portal," he said. "There is also channel training in terms of sales, pre-sales and customer support. So, we have all the channel-related programmes on the portal in addition to marketing programmes also set for the channel, and along with SPIFF programmes with partners. So you see, we have a robust channel activity and enablement programme for the region that is driving real value for partners and end-users and spreading the technological differentiation of HCI and Pivot3 throughout the MEA region."