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Abu Dhabi company launches AI framework

saal.ai developed to provide framework for AI solutions in education, health and banking

Vikraman Podoval, CEO of Saal, launched the saal.ai solution in Abu Dhabi.
Vikraman Podoval, CEO of Saal, launched the saal.ai solution in Abu Dhabi.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) framework, saal.ai, has been launched by Abu Dhabi-based technology company Saal.

The AI framework has been designed to provide a machine learning solution which can learn with limited human support, for applications in education, healthcare and banking and other situations.

The saal.ai is primarily focused on the development of lesser explored, yet potentially robust, applications, including reasoning, inference and retrieval of data collected from multi-modal sensor inputs.

saal.ai has drawn inspiration from neuroscience and psychology on how humans solve problems, in conjunction with the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Automatic Speech Recognition and Graph Theory.

"saal.ai aims to use the power of computing to represent information and data, to solve complex tasks that require the incorporation of findings from logic, to automate various kinds of reasoning and impact industries, beginning with education, healthcare and banking," said Vikraman Poduval, chief executive officer of Saal. "For students saal.ai will be a knowledge partner that fosters curiosity and engagement. In medicine it will enhance the patient experience by learning continuously, to facilitate proactive actions and allow for increased doctor productivity. While in banking it will ensure faster and safer services - allowing businesses to focus on what matters most to them and their customers."

Saal has developed several products from the AI framework, including a knowledge partner solution which will support students, by fostering curiosity and engagement in learning activities.