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Apple’s iPhone SE 2 may not launch in Q2

The iPhone SE 2 will be slightly enhanced compared to the first model

Apple's iPhone SE displayed.
Apple's iPhone SE displayed.

Last year reports claimed that Apple was planning to introduce an updated iPhone SE model with a planned release for early 2018, however, Apple may no longer be working on the model.

As of late the range of smartphones that have entered the market follow the same ‘bezel-less' style, but Apple's iPhone SE is known for its 4-inch screen size, which has more of a compact feel with premium features.

The model itself is aimed at those who prefer a smaller screen, however, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple will not "have enough spare resources to develop a new iPhone model for launch" set for early this year. Kuo suggests that Apple may instead add the new iPhone series to the fall launch.

He also predicted that the iPhone SE 2 will not include Apple's latest premium features, such as wireless charging and Face ID, however, the newer model is expected to have a powerful processor and A10 Fusion.

The current iPhone SE model is powered by the A9 chipset and features 2GB RAM, Touch ID, and a 12-megapixel rear camera.

Apple has not commented on either report, therefore if you're waiting on Apple to release this type of phone, it may be a while.