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LinkedIn: How to stand out from the crowd

Linkedin's top tips to stand out from the crowd and which words can get you there

LinkedIn analyses which words proved most popular in 2017 in the UAE.
LinkedIn analyses which words proved most popular in 2017 in the UAE.

LinkedIn has released which buzzwords proved most popular among UAE professionals when promoting their skills and personal strengths, and surprisingly ‘skilled' entered the top ten for the first time.

LinkedIn's 2017 top 10 UAE buzzwords are: experienced, skilled, specialise, expert, leadership, motivated, excellent, responsible, passionate, and successful.

Dr. Saliha Afridi from The LightHouse Center for Wellbeing, explained why professionals have moved away from particular words.

"The words from 2017 are an equal mix of performance related ‘hard skills', as well as mindset related ‘soft skills'. This region is developing at a rapid pace, and governments and companies are looking for individuals who are not only strategic, experienced, and skilled but also are motivated, responsible and possess leadership qualities. This is not a mix of ‘nice to have' qualities but rather ‘critical must haves' for businesses to succeed," she said.

LinkedIn also revealed ways to help job seekers stand out to recruiters.

1. Online appearance: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete and tailor it to show the relevant skills you have built up through your career.

2. Show character: It is important to strike a professional tone; be assertive and direct when talking about your achievements. Don't shy away from adding some personality to your language though - this is a great way to show your character.

3. Be creative: Show creativity in your profile, by including presentations, video, design work and projects.

4. Be active: It is key to network and follow organisations that inspire you, as well as participate in discussions. This will show recruiters that you are plugged into what is happening in your industry.

5. Voice your opinion: Publish a post on LinkedIn, offering opinions on industry matters.