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Hikvision AI vision takes shape

AI+ forum in Dubai highlights latest IP surveillance trends in the market

Hikvision AI+ forum heard of the company's rapidly developing AI-powered product portfolio.
Hikvision AI+ forum heard of the company's rapidly developing AI-powered product portfolio.

Hikvision, a global provider of video surveillance products and solutions, laid out its artificial intelligence vision at its MENA AI+ forum held to coincide with this year’s Intersec.

Last year the company launched “AI Cloud”, its next level of AI technology development. Hikvision’s “AI Cloud” establishes a distributed structure incorporating cloud computing and edge computing. It extends the AI algorithm from the cloud centre, to an edge network of on-premises video recorders and servers, and further to edge devices like the security cameras.

Hikvision has invested in video intelligence technology since 2006, when its first algorithm team was established. In 2013, the company started to implement deep learning technology, and in 2016, its full range deep learning products were introduced to the security industry.

Speaking at the forum, Binson Xu, general manager of Hikvision MENA traced the company’s humble beginnings as a 28-person start-up in 2001, to the global enterprise it is today. “Advanced engineering and a passion for innovation has empowered Hikvision to lead the security industry market with state-of-the-art surveillance products and solutions,” Xu said.

Additionally, Hikvision has established strategic partnership with technology companies in the AI space such as Intel, Movidius, Nvidia, to exchange ideas on product development and feature enhancement. Syamak Nazary from Intel addressed the topics of “Video Transformation to Visual Intelligence”, and “Camera to Cloud Vision Capability” at the forum.

During his keynote, Hu Yangzhong, CEO of Hikvision, said, “Hikvision has operated in the security industry for many years with its own research and development capabilities, employing large amounts of real video and image data as training samples. Deep Leaning is a continuous process of self-learning the training samples. With this large amount of quality training data, human, vehicle and object pattern recognition models will become increasingly accurate for video surveillance use.”

He continued, “At the same time, we also enable AI technology to be ventured into other industries like access control, and further expands to management sectors, to facilitate management efficiency and make the human life more convenient and smarter. Hikvision is lucky to be in this industry and we are ready for the AI era.”

In MENA region, Hikvision’s AI technology application such as automatic number plate recognition, people counting, facial recognition and heat mapping have being utilised in different verticals to improve user experience and boost management efficiency, including retail stores, city surveillance, traffic, building, banking and others.