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Foldable Microsoft device could be in the works

The device could double up as a mobile phone

Microsoft may release a foldable device.
Microsoft may release a foldable device.

Joining the likes of Samsung and Huawei, Microsoft is reportedly developing a foldable device that has the potential to double up as a phone.

Whilst rumours have been circulating from the start of the this year, a tweet recently surfaced showing a listing on the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) that features patent images of a folding Surface tablet device. It also shows that the device folds from a tablet to two separate, smaller OLED screens.

What makes the device interesting is that not only will it be foldable, but that it may also be able to make phone calls. Additionally, the report suggested that the device will run on a special Windows 10 version, codenamed Andromeda.

A Windows tipster dubbed Walking Cat has revealed on Twitter a list of apps in the Windows Store, labelled ‘windows-8828080'. According to the Walking Cat, these apps are linked into Andromeda. Furthermore, select apps are solely for phones only, which adds to fuel to the fact that the foldable device could also be a phone.

It is still questionable whether this device will hit the mass market but a foldable device that doubles up as a phone could see a lot of interest.