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ITP.net Technology Leaders of 2017: Education

Take a peek into who has made our Technology Leaders 2017 guide

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Welcome to ITP.net's Technology Leaders 2017 guide, where we bring together important and influential individuals working in IT within the Middle East.

Propelled by a rapidly expanding population, the Middle East’s education industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. A recent report from Alpen Capital states that 50,000 schools will be required in the GCC by 2020 to address an anticipated surge in the Gulf’s student population from 12.6 million in 2015 to an estimated 15 million by 2020.

Additionally, the rapid string of announcements — whether it is educational ‘brand names’ arriving in the region, or the expansion of existing education providers — has turned the Middle East into the fastest growing private education market in the world.

We aim to recognise and celebrate the diversity within the education sector and have put together a micro-site of individuals that have stood out this year.

The guide is not ranked in any specific order, instead the profiles are listed alphabetically and offers insight into each individual, their role and contribution to the Middle East.

Click here: ITP.net Technology Leaders of 2017: Education

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