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Perp Games to release VR gaming collection in the Middle East

PlayStation gamers can look forward to five new virtual reality games

Ninja Theory brings Dexed (pictured).
Ninja Theory brings Dexed (pictured).

Perp Games is preparing to launch a collection of virtual reality (VR) games at the end of month in the Middle East.

The company, which aims to help developers, is offering PlayStation VR gamers five games on one disc, these are Ninja Theory, Climax Studios, Winking Entertainment, Frima Studio, and StellarVR.

Ninja Theory brings Dexed, an on-rails VR shooter which pays homage to the likes of Ikaruga and Panzer Dragoon. Climax Studios offers Bandit 6 Combined Arms which is two games ones, which will see users faced against rockets, jets and missiles.

Winking Entertainment, powered by Unreal Engine 4, beings Unearthing Mars. Gamers play as a co-pilot where they explore the planet in full, from navigating landing craft to driving through a sandstorm. Fated: The Silent Oath from Frima Studio is set during the Viking age and gamers are tasked with saving a family from world destruction.

Lastly, StellerVR brings Korix, which is retro-themed, real-time strategy game allowing users to take full control of the battlefield in a tower defence game.

The VR games will be available in the Middle East from 30 November, 2017.