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Fujitsu wants to ensure business continuity with new service

Cyber Threat Intelligence service ensures customers can defend themselves against ongoing cyber attacks

Ensure your business is not taken down by hackers.
Ensure your business is not taken down by hackers.

Fujitsu is addressing the growing concern for business shutdown as a result of cyber attacks with a new Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) service, now available in the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) region.

Fujitsu says CTI is designed with a predictive approach so as to provide early warning for relevant IT security threats, focused on enabling business continuity through threat mitigation. Fujitsu security experts are also on hand to help organisations take proactive countermeasures against breaches, such as providing 24x7 customer systems monitoring. With its CTI service, Fujitsu aims to ensure that organisations can continue to function even when under cyberattack, the company adds.

Rob Norris, head of enterprise and cyber security at Fujitsu in EMEIA, said more than ever, it is critical to remain online, and protect the integrity of IT systems and corporate data even when under ongoing cyber attack. “Nobody should underestimate the catastrophic damage that a cyberattack can cause, starting with a simple slip, such as opening an infected email. The nature and scale of cyber threats is changing so fast that traditional security solutions on their own are no longer enough to provide adequate protection. Instead, organisations need to understand and carefully manage their risk of threat exposure and constantly test and make sure their defences are continually up to the task,” he adds.

Preparation is key, and in the event of an attack, a response and recovery plan makes all the difference in minimising the impact of the attack, Norris said. “What we give our customers with the CTI service is a comprehensive view of their security posture, thorough analysis of security risks and actionable information – because today, being unprepared for a cyber attack can easily put a company out of business.”

Cyber security has emerged as a leading boardroom issue. A targeted cyberattack can cause chaos for an organisation, if data is corrupted, deleted, or encrypted with ransomware by hackers who demand a fee to provide the unlock code. In fact, according to a recent report by insurer Lloyds of London, attacks on computer operating systems run by a large number of businesses around the world could cause losses of $28.7 billion in terms of their financial, economic and insurance impact.

A key part of the new Fujitsu CTI service is keeping customers proactively informed of developments that may impact on their digital operations. As well as providing dashboards for customers, Fujitsu also shares findings and recommendations through ‘early warning’ threat advisories, daily digests, weekly bulletins and monthly client calls – a combination of channels intended to ensure customers are always fully aware of the threat landscape and can take the necessary actions to minimise or mitigate their risk of attack.

The Fujitsu CTI service is available to customers in the EMEIA region as a 24/7 managed service.