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Bahrain iGA and Kaspersky hold cyber drill

Cyber Drill event to raise awareness of security threats to industrial systems and critical infrastructure

The Cyber Drill for Cyber Hawks event was intended to raise awareness of critical security issues.
The Cyber Drill for Cyber Hawks event was intended to raise awareness of critical security issues.

Bahrain's Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) and Kaspersky Lab have hosted an cybersecurity event in Manama, to educate IT professionals on the latest security risks.

The ‘Cyber Drill for Cyber Hawks' event brought together over 60 IT professionals from the public sector across financial, educational, energy, aviation and healthcare sectors.

Mohamed Ali AlQaed, chief executive of the iGA, was the patron of the event, of the Cyber Hawks, an initiative that gathers a group of cyber security specialists from various governmental entities in Bahrain; aiming to enable cooperation among governmental entities to discover and mitigate any cyber security threats.

The event included a unique exercise called the Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) - designed for the management board responsible for government web services. The objective of this training is to illustrate the importance of securing systems as well as to illustrate the impact of an industrial cyber security incident on government.

"We are honored to cooperate with Kaspersky Lab to hold the first Cyber Drill that simulates reality for the Cyber Hawks team to handle online threats and attacks that could be exposed to by any public or private entity," said Mohamed Ali AlQaed.

"This drill was conducted in accordance with government direction and in line with the work plan as well as efforts to raise the level of information security within the government sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We value this fruitful collaboration with Kaspersky to benefit from their experiences and international expertise with the purpose of setting a strategy for online security all around the world."

Kaspersky Lab said that the company aims to to educate governments on the industrial security threats to critical national infrastructure, and to raise awareness among IT leaders of the potential of these threats. The company plans to work with top educational institutes and universities in the country to make sure that the next generation of IT professionals are equipped with the best knowledge around the topic.

"We are pleased to play a leading role in the prestigious Cyber Hawks event, as we believe that cyber security consciousness and education are essential pillars in combating cybercrime, whether at the public or private sector levels. At Kaspersky Lab, we are aligned with Bahrain's government vision and are dedicated to introduce training programs, next-generation intelligent services and products that will assist Bahrain taking steady steps towards a nation safe from cyber threats," said Maxim Frolov, managing director of META at the Kaspersky Lab.