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D-Link to enhance partner training in MEA

Networking vendor moves to help channel partners build value in the networking space

Hussain says D-Link offers two types of training at its training hub in Dubai.
Hussain says D-Link offers two types of training at its training hub in Dubai.

D-Link Corporation, a global provider of connectivity solutions for small, medium and large enterprise business networking, has said it is helping channel partners in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) to build value through the training and certification programmes it offers.

According to the vendor, the emerging technologies are impacting the development of the much-needed IT skills in the regional channel and at end user level.

The networking company said the IT market has been challenging for many partners in the region in the last 12 months, prompting it to help the channel to build expertise.

Sakkeer Hussain, director - Sales and Marketing, D-Link Middle East, said there are many transitions happening in the Middle East IT market from IoT to artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, cloud, verticalisation, mobility, digital transformation and software defined networking (SDN).

"At D-Link, we are in the middle of technological innovation and transformation which leverages the power of networked technologies to transform daily lives of people, businesses and make an impact on economic growth," he said. "With these advances, IT skills are in demand especially in areas where technologies are still emerging."

Hussain said D-Link has two types of training offered through the company's facility in Dubai. "The first one is pre-sales training and it is tailored towards pre-sales engineers and sales people working for our channel partners," he explained. "This training takes them through new products, product updates, latest technologies and the various applications where these technologies and solutions can be implemented."

The other kind of training according to Hussain, is technical and it's a five-day programme that takes candidates through the detailed issues including product installation and it is conducted by highly qualified D-Link engineers. "We are aware that it is challenging to find qualified IT talent across the Middle East and Africa region," he noted. "Our channel partners also face the same challenges when it comes to recruiting IT professionals."

He said that's why D-Link is fully committed to addressing the growing skills gap in the Middle East and Africa by providing partners with training that will prepare them for the technology-driven economy and foster the next generation of entrepreneurs and visionary leaders.

"We believe training and certification programmes can be critical for channel partners to build IT skills and have the necessary expertise to implement best practices. Our training sessions focus on the skills needed to simplify implementation and support of our products and solutions at end user level," he said. "In addition, we also go to our partner premises to conduct sales oriented training, which focuses on updating them on what the new technology, new products and how they can pitch these D-Link solutions to the market."

Hussain pointed out that the company works very closely with its distribution partners to impart training to channel partners and their end user customers through certification programmes, seminars, workshops and proof of concept (PoC) at the training hub in Dubai.

"Training and certifications are very valuable and give channel partners a competitive edge and allows them to derive higher values for their businesses," he said.