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Microsoft demos cognitive services platform

To demonstrate how AI can deliver safer workplaces

Microsoft demos cognitive services platform
Hashish: As the UAE grows its heavy industry, workplace safety is becoming a top priority

Microsoft has introduced GITEX Technology Week 2017 delegates to its Workplace Safety Demo, built on the company's Cognitive Services platform and backed by its AI capabilities to deliver workplace safety.

Using existing commodity cameras, and advances in AI, the workplace safety solution brings the digital and physical worlds together to help keep workers safe. The Demo showed visitors how any existing CCTV camera can be transformed into a safety and security tool, by combining intelligent cloud and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The demo was built around a live feed from a staged workplace setting, and focused on a series of scenarios, revealing how the AI vision, deep learning tool and cloud computing can enable organisations to apply business policies that recognise the relationships between people, places and things and ultimately turns these places into AI-driven safety zones. That technology and platform can enable similar solutions in areas where safety is a top priority, from hospitals to petrol stations and manufacturing plants.

 "As the UAE continues to have a strong tradition in heavy industry, from steel and chemicals to ship-building and aerospace - workplace safety is becoming a top priority" said Sayed, regional general manager, Microsoft Gulf. "Microsoft has long been at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the lines between the digital and physical world are being blurred by technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence. GITEX is an ideal venue for us to showcase our Cognitive Services platform and extraordinary source of innovative solutions, ushering the workplace into a new era."

The manufacturing sector is now Dubai's third largest, and the emirate's Department of Economic Development (DED) expects around $19m to be spent on R&D by manufacturing companies, as the sector expands from a current value of $11.2 billion to $16.1 billion by 2030.

Attendees watched a live AI-powered chatbot act as a security and safety officer identifying in unauthorised personnel, objects and safety threats while providing real-time alerts for necessary actions. The demo also covered safety-monitoring, showcasing how you can automatically detect threats such as fire, and workers not wearing the appropriate protective gear. The solution demonstrated how people in the real world can take action in real time to improve safety and well-being. That demo can be easily expanded to identify objects placed in hazardous positions or do asset tracking. For example, in an event of a dangerous spill in a chemical plant, cameras can automatically recognize the incident and information about the spill would be shared with people who need it the most, enabling them to protect other employees from coming in contact with the hazard.

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