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Protenders courts international investors

Attracting the attention of international investors at GITEX Technology Week 2017

Karim Helal, co-founder and CEO, Protenders.
Karim Helal, co-founder and CEO, Protenders.

The construction sectors very own networking, bidding and search engine, Protenders, has been attracting the attention of international investors at GITEX Technology Week 2017, according to Karim Helal, co-founder and CEO.

"We're at GITEX to get more interest from investors and it's been great, especially as there is such an international selection of investors from this region, but also Europe, Asia and North America. Because the market isn't local, it's a good fit, because we're a local company expanding globally," says Helal. "We have users in 105 countries and we're getting 700 new sign ups per month."

He says this rapid growth has come about as a result of Protenders expanding the nature of its services. The platform started out as a bidding marketplace, with a carpet supplier, for example, able to search for hotel projects under construction that did not yet have a carpet supplier on-board. They could then bid on the contract.

"We started off in Abu Dhabi seven or eight years ago and the bidding side of it was picked up by some of the big construction companies, which gave us a stable base for growth but what really made us fly was the LinkedIn-style element, that makes the platform a community as well as a marketplace," says Helal.

"We now not only help people find the right partners for various construction projects, but also connect everyone together, allowing people to find each other based on their competencies. It is also a source of information and a market place for bidding on projects," he adds.