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Mimecast takes data archiving to the cloud

Launched Mimecast Cloud Archive, a multipurpose archive solution built for the cloud

Bekker: Customers can utilise economies of scale by procuring more services from our platform.
Bekker: Customers can utilise economies of scale by procuring more services from our platform.

Mimecast has launched the Mimecast Cloud Archive, a multipurpose archive solution built for the cloud at GITEX Technology Week 2017.

According to the security vendor, Mimecast Cloud Archive delivers an all-in-one cloud service that integrates a secure data repository, built-in data recovery, storage management, e-discovery and compliance capabilities. Mimecast Cloud Archive enables customers to access their email archive anywhere, anytime, and on any device faster.

Brandon Bekker, managing director, Africa and Middle East, Mimecast, notes that the consistent rise of targeted attacks in the recent past. "We have deliberately pivoted to run with that tailwind around targeted threats, growing substantially to address that requirement," adds Bekker. "The timing for launching the Cloud Archive solution was ideal. Numerous functionality enhancements have emerged recently and we thought it's a good time to get ahead of it. A lot of customers have been benefitting from our targeted threats services and so this is an opportunity for them to make use of additional services on the platform."

Mimecast says legacy on-premises and first generation cloud email archiving platforms have become obsolete, as the way organisations use email has completely changed since archiving's inception nearly two decades ago. According to new global study from Mimecast and Vanson Bourne, 88% of organisations admitted they have experienced problems with their existing archiving solution. Nearly 60% cite administrative complexity as a top challenge, while 48% experience a lack of scalability. Another 56% are plagued by slow search performance.

Most email archiving technology was built when email usage was much different. With email being the top communications channel for business, today it's growing at a rate where these on-premises solutions can't keep up.

Archiving is a critical business requirement as users like to interact with their archive and make use of stored information, Bekker observes. "Therefore, a lot of our customers benefit from utilising more services from a single platform; they can utilise economies of scale by procuring more services from our platform," he adds.

Mimecast recommends archive is thought of as a digital memory- with multiple dimensions that secure corporate data, empower employees with anywhere, anytime access to email, and ensure regulatory and compliance obligations are met.

Mimecast Cloud Archive latest innovations enable fast search performance, simplifying administrative and e-discovery searches for IT administrators, compliance teams, and legal professionals.

Additionally, data recovery with sync and recover offers immutable, always-available archives to hedge against data loss or corruption, giving organisations a means to restore their Outlook content - including email, personal folders, calendar entries and contacts - should misfortune strike.

Business insights found in Case Review App allow for faster search of email and attachment data to serve various purposes, including compliance reviews, litigation case assessments, and internal policy audits.

The Cloud Archive platform is built to grow organically around email functionalities and protection, says Bekker. "Therefore, we built services that are adjacent to that where we replace the existing budgets and allow our customers to grow their Mimecast footprint by adding tools from us little that they may have procured from other vendors. We therefore provide a single integrated platform and service level that is cost effective, its less risky and far less complex," he says.

Mimecast has been very successful with archiving, appearing consistently on the top right leadership quadrant at Gartner matrix. "We therefore followed the action, focusing on targeted threat protection. The market was expecting us to start focusing on cloud archiving as leaders in the space as well as leading with thought leadership and," says Bekker.