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ShadeCraft's robotic, solar 'sunflower'

To showcase autonomous robotic and solar-powered shading system

GITEX 2017, GulfComms

ShadeCraft, an LA-based robotics startup, is showcasing its autonomous robotic and solar-powered shading system at GITEX Technology Week 2017.

Dubbed SUNFLOWER, the autonomous shading system relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for connectivity to offer optimal shade. The embedded sensors collects data in real-time, along with UV radiation levels, humidity, air quality and temperature and wind detection.

The solar panels also collect and store the power it requires via a removable, self-charging battery that aims to last for 72 hours.

Additionally, the autonomous robotic parasol has an integrated camera that offers security and can be connected to existing home security systems. 

Next year, ShadeCraft will release its free SmartShade app for both iOS and Android, enabling users to remotely control the SUNFLOWER.

Armen Gharabegian, founder and CEO of ShadeCraft, says: "Dubai has become a hub for technology and we believed that SUNFLOWER; the world's first robotics AI shading system is necessary for this sunny region of the world.

"As a California startup, ShadeCraft understands the necessity for robotic shading systems. But Dubai is where our technology can blossom and supply a very necessary function to improve human life outdoors through AI integrated Robotics."