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Landmark Group unveil AR Home Centre app

UAE and KSA customers with compatible iPhones can virtually view furniture from their phones

The AR-enabled app is only available to Apple iPhone holders.
The AR-enabled app is only available to Apple iPhone holders.

Landmark Group has embedded augmented reality (AR) on the Home Centre app to enable users to virtually view new furniture in their home.

With this AR-enabled app, which is only available to Apple iPhone holders, shoppers can virtually preview furniture in their desired space before purchasing the furniture or visiting the store.

Where AR is available on the app, the products will show a green AR cube icon. When users tap on the product they can point their device to where they want to see the furniture placed, and check the dimension, whether it matched the décor and examine it from different angles.

The AR experience was built in-house by Landmark Group's web team using ARKit, the Augmented Reality developer's kit launched with Apple's latest operating system, iOS 11.

Savitar Jagtiani, chief digital officer, Landmark Group, said: "This cutting-edge technology significantly improves the online shopping experience by allowing our customers to virtually experience how Home Centre furniture will look in their homes before making a buying decision.

"While previewing in AR, virtual products can be rotated, moved around, measured and shared with friends and family by taking a screenshot of how they look in a space. We love how useful this feature is and believe our customers will too."

Médéric Payne, CEO, Home Centre, added: "In today's changing consumer environment, this innovation offers customised solutions and gives our customers greater confidence in their furniture purchases.

"This is an extension of our promise to offer a more customised shopping experience and we believe these type of developments will contribute in revolutionising the way people shop for their homes and further strengthen brand loyalty."