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French start-up aims at storage solutions

2CRSI designs and manufactures innovative compute and storage solutions

GITEX 2017, Storage, Storage and backup

French start-up 2CRSI will be showcasing innovative storage solutions for CCTV applications at GITEX Technology Week 2017.

This is the second GITEX participation in a row for 2CRSI, which designs and manufactures innovative compute and storage solutions.

The company said it has the ability to develop agnostic and scalable solutions, from big and fast storage systems for data centres to powerful computer servers for high performance computing (HPC) applications.

According to 2CRSI, one of the major key factors of success of a video surveillance solution is the ability to combine good software, optimising the way the data is stored, and the appropriate hardware to make it work efficiently.

With a software defined storage (SDS) solution like the one developed by 2CRSI‘s partner OpenIO, you enhance the data storage in a way that you need less storage to store the same amount of data. The storage related tasks are not handled anymore by specific hardware such as a raid adapters, but are now managed by software. The SDS solution gives you flexibility and simplifies your storage. This just fits to the CCTV needs of a fast, scalable and reliable storage.

To get the full benefits of this SDS solution, 2CRSI has developed a specific hardware system which has the right compute power and a highly scalable storage. The hardware solution is made of a server and several just a bench of drive (JBOD). The server with an Intel Purley CPU and the Intel Optane SSD allows getting a very fast processing unit. This unit will send the data to the JBODs, which contain up to 60 HDD each, for a total of 720To per JBOD. As the software manages the data, you can make your storage evolve with your needs without constraints, it's highly scalable.

That exclusive solution will be highlighted at the GITEX 2017 in Dubai at the 2CRSI booth.