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What would you ask Avaya's global CEO Jim Chirico?

Jim Chirico will be attending GITEX Technology Week, send us your questions

Jim Chirico, CEO, Avaya.
Jim Chirico, CEO, Avaya.

Here at ITP.net, we are excited to announce that we will be interviewing Avaya's CEO Jim Chirico and we want you to get involved.

Chirico will be attending this year's GITEX Technology Week, where ITP.net will ask the new CEO a range of questions from what Avaya's Middle East plans are to how it is readying to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy towards a public company.

We want your help in quizzing Avaya's newest CEO, so please submit your questions by 8 October to Aasha Bodhani on Aasha.bodhani@itp.com.

In August, Kevin Kennedy announced his plans to retire as president and CEO but agreed to remain as an advisor to the company. Chirico, who was Avaya's chief operating officer and global sales leader, was appointed to CEO.