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Volkswagen shows Sedric at Cityscape

Self-driving mobility concept on show at real estate expo

The Volkswagen Sedric is part of the company's new integrated mobility system.
The Volkswagen Sedric is part of the company's new integrated mobility system.

Volkswagen has showcased its self-driving concept car at Cityscape 2017.

The Sedric is part of the company's integrated mobility concept for road traffic, which will provide totally autonomous cars managed by an innovative control system.

Sedric is an electric powered vehicle, which has been designed from scratch as an autonomous vehicle. The mobility concept was designed as part of Volkswagen's ‘Together - Strategy 2025'.

"At the Volkswagen Group, we want to play a leading role in driving forward the transformation into a new era. We want to structure this process and we are therefore also increasing the pace of development and intensifying investments in these important innovative fields of digitalization and autonomy. We have also created a new structure within our organisation to achieve this. This will empower the Volkswagen Group to advance from being an automotive manufacturer to become a leading mobility provider. Our vision is to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility by the year 2025," commented Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Head of Research and Development, Volkswagen Group.

The car will carry 2 + 2 passengers, and has been designed for easy access and usability for users with all levels of mobility included disabled and visually impaired passengers.

A single push button interface will allow users to summon a Sedric car, and once onboard, voice activated systems will allow passengers to discuss the journey, destination and so on with Sedric as if it were a personal assistant.

The innovative control element functions as a universal mobility ID operating worldwide with integrated mobile receiver, GPS and compass to locate the vehicle.

"Everybody will be included in the new world of mobility. We will offer accessibility for everyone. Our mobility solution will transport these people conveniently and without hassle from door to door - with the implementation of our new vision: mobility for all, at the touch of a button or a speech command. This will give people more freedom, an amazing level of comfort and a much higher quality of life. Individual mobility will make it easier for many people to participate in community life," explained Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen Group.

The concept vehicle was first presented at the Group Evening in Geneva on 6 March, followed by an appearance at Auto Shanghai April. It is on display on the Dubai Land Department stand at Cityscape.