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Focus on new features

Focus Softnet is known for its strong R&D attention

Focus on new features
Focus on new features

Focus Softnet has always been ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and incorporating customers' feedback to create new features to its existing solutions.

The company is known for its strong R&D and has recently introduced the following features to its popular products.

Focus 8 new features:

Advance Filter in Stock reconciliation
In Stock Reconciliation screen, advanced filter is introduced where user can filter the data on different inventory fields and get the filtered information to compare against physical stock.

Exchange difference in Post Dated Cheques
Based on the Currency and its exchange rate defined, system calculates the exchange difference in PDC with respect to Multi currencies and post the exchange rate taking the rate into consideration at the time of maturity.

BOM Import
New option has been added in Bill of Materials screen where user can import the BOM through excel.

Character casing
The customization of forms allow user to set character casing for the text field, the different character casings available are:

- Upper case
- Lower case
- Proper case
- Sentence case

Print by reporting Tag  (dimension)
Based on preferences user can configure the Print layout for a selected tag. This tag will be selected in Focsu8 preferences.

Enhanced Data statistics
New options included in Data statistics screen where user can refresh the screen for accurate data and other options to Filter, Sort and Backtrack to voucher.

Backtrack to base document
While entering a document in a workflow user can backtrack to the base document by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+L.

Credit limit approval

User can ask for credit limit enhancement in general or for a transaction, if approved, revised credit limit is assigned to user.

Suspend and Create
New option added "Suspend and Create" in the voucher, by clicking on the option the selected voucher will get suspended and a new voucher will be created with the same details of suspended voucher, this can save the data entry time for the user and allows you to follow statutory regulations.

VAT/GST Taxation
VAT/G.S.T is implemented in focus8, when enabled internally VAT/G.S.T fields will be created. User can view reports based on VAT/G.S.T.


Kitchen Display System (KDS)
The Kitchen display system (KDS) is used to manage orders in kitchen using a touch screen rather than a printer, KDS will work in series or parallel with a printer, KDS can also be configured as a substitute for printer. Some features are:

  • - Capture Preparation time
  • - Color coding
  • - Alerts to counter from KDS
  • - KDS routing

Schemes in Waiter app
Now Schemes are accessible when the order is taken from Waiter app. The below schemes types are accessible in Waiter app:

  • - Free items schemes
  • - Discount schemes
  • - Member schemes
  • - Time based schemes
  • - Fixed Rate Schemes

Pre-order in RMS
New Order type "Pre-order" is implemented, in Pre order user can order items for Future date by paying the deposit and can be collected later by clearing the pending amount.

Discount excluding scheme items
Function button provided "Discount Proportionate" where user can give the discount only for the items which are not from schemes, the discount can be given in amount or in percentage.

Header Extra Fields
User can add any extra fields while customizing POS main screen template the data entered in those fields will be posted to the voucher in the backend.

New payment Type in Bill settlement which will validate Transaction ID for not duplication which can be used for online (netbanking) payments.

Retail POS

Multiple salesmen
A preference provided in POS "Allow multiple salesmen" if selected user can select different salesman for each line item. This can be used for calculating commissions for the salesman.

Denomination printing
In Print formats we can customize a body grid and customize variables:

  • - "Denomination name": Displays the name of the Denomination ex: "Ten"
  • - "Denomination value": Displays the value of denomination ex: "10"
  • - "Currency name": Displays the name of the Currency ex: "INR"
  • - "Currency amount": Displays the total of Currency amount

Quantity  Restriction in Bill
User can restrict the sale of an item to a certain quantity in a single bill. A screen is provided where   user can define the product and allowed sale quantity. If the quantity exceeds than the allowed quantity system will not allow for the payment.

Scheme Reversal
Scheme reversal is now applicable for exchange/spoilage transactions. If any scheme is applied at the time of sale, at the time of reversal if there is any scheme defined against those products that scheme will get applicable

Auto generate Batch number at the time of Exchange/Spoilage, if no Stock is available
When there is no stock in the inventory and customer will come for exchange of a product a batch number will be automatically generated by considering the last batch series. This will be done by enabling the above preference.

Credit Sale Filtration
Based on the preference user can restrict the credit sale information to outlet. On selection of this preference customer will not be able to pay the balance amount in other outlets.

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