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Krishna Kumar Nair, EVP Focus Softnet, discusses the Focus Warehouse Management System

Krishna Kumar Nair, EVP Focus Softnet
Krishna Kumar Nair, EVP Focus Softnet
Focus WMS addresses these common challenges and creates a real-time warehouse environment that you can trust.
Focus WMS addresses these common challenges and creates a real-time warehouse environment that you can trust.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Nair, EVP of Focus Softnet shares how focus WMS makes optimum use of resources within a warehouse like manpower, storage space and equipment. The automation and efficient resource management helps in reducing order processing time frames and overall all enhancement in warehousing efficiency.

Do you have the required visibility of your stock and can you manage inventory levels with efficiency to avoid over or under stocking? Is your inventory counts accurate?

If no, then Focus Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the solution that address these issues. Focus WMS addresses these common challenges and creates a real-time warehouse environment that you can trust.

The business challenges in a warehouse include managing just in time (JIT) delivery of orders along with just in time inventory availability. The operational challenges arise through the processes and decisions between procurement, supply and order management. These challenges are common to all warehouses where there is high turnover of inventory and an efficient WMS software can address these challenges with ease thus making the operations a smooth sail while having a clear visibility on stock management.

Therefore, a Warehouse Management Software is an integral part of any supply chain, the primary goal of which is to track and control the movement and storage of products within a warehouse, and process the associated inventory actions, including: receiving, adding, picking, quality control, shipping and reporting. 

Focus WMS brings efficiency to warehousing by introducing automated processes and tighter control structures. It lets you optimize inventory while giving high visibility of stock in a warehouse or across multiple warehouses within the organization.

Focus WMS makes optimum use of resources within a ware house like manpower, storage space and equipment. The automation and efficient resource management helps in reducing order processing time frames and overall all enhancement in warehousing efficiency.

With today's world racing towards Mobility and Internet of Things (IOT), Focus WMS is geared with required apps for running the warehouse operations on Hand Held Terminals (HHT) while the back office engine has Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with the help of which hardware and other infrastructure used in the warehouse can be integrated with Focus WMS. The data can come from material handling systems like hand held terminals (HHT), lift truck sensors, building automation systems, which control various parameters like temperature and humidity of buildings. The data collected can help in better managing the warehouse and can help in analyzing capacity planning.

More specifically Focus WMS looks at improving the internal warehouse operations including, how to improve order to on time delivery (OTD), being notified well in advance to plan and execute, and increasing overall efficiency in the supply chain. Focus WMS is built on a "state of the art" technology that run on any Microsoft environment having an android app for operating various warehouse activities on a Hand-Held Terminal (HHT).

Focus WMS is seamlessly integrated with Focus 8 ERP yielding positive benefits like Zero Information errors, Zero Information Lead time, Space utilization, and Improved capacity. Focus WMS can also work with other ERPs with capability for integration through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Further WMS has the feature to run its HHTs on an online /offline mode, a feature of "data sync when available", makes the system "network independent" and can execute a task effortlessly in an event the HHT goes out of the range of a network that communicates with the server. The data gets automatically synced with the server the moment the HHT comes back into range of the server (back office engine). Therefore a user can upload tasks on the HHT and navigate into warehousing areas like a deep freeze environment or an industrial yard where there is limited network access and can execute a task effortlessly thus ensuring that operations run smooth on extremely challenging environments.

The key features of Focus WMS include Bin / Location management, Batch traceability, Stock expiry management, Stock attribute management and traceability and multi location warehouse management.

Focus WMS - Features

- Warehouse Setup module includes User Definable Warehouse configurator, SKU package definition, Storer information system, Easy Warehouse setup, Online Warehouse Usage reports, User Master IP configuration for handheld pick instructions.

- Handling In Management includes Customer Purchase Orders, Advance Shipment Notice, Receiving Tally Sheet, Cross Dock, auto generate Pallet ID, Capture complete SKU attribute, information like Lot Details, Batch Details, Expiry and Manufacturing dates. The integrated Inwards Process can be handled through wireless handheld devices for faster transactions. ASN details can be loaded into RTS and perform receiving function. Cross Dock feature helps the users to speed up the complete transaction with a single entry.

- Inventory Move allows tracking of goods by location to location, stores, stock keeping unit, confirmation to move and put away, exception alerts, and by handhelds.

- Handling Out Management is integrated to pick the data from customer sales order to generate auto picklist, enabling the end user to track the locations of the SKU locations with ease. It includes Customer Sales Order, Pick List, Auto Allocated Picklist, Pick Confirmation, Delivery Notes, Pick instructions for Full Pallet, Piece picking, Pick Based on FEFO, FIFO, Batch No and Lot Nos.

- Inventory module provides ease of access to inventory at the bin level with tracking of batch numbers and expiry dates, easier physical stock count with an option to upload the text files for reconciliation. It includes Barcodes, Pallet IDs, Batch Numbers, Expiry Dates, tracking by Aisle, by Location, by Rack, by bin level, Perpetual count, Cyclic Count, Physical Stock reconciliation, Stock Adjustments and Transfer of Ownership.

- Billing module enables customers to choose the best possible billing option. Integration with the existing ERP system enables holistic view of receivables to the accounts department on real-time basis. It includes billing by Storer, Storage Type, SKU, Monthly, Weekly, Daily options, Billing per Pallet, CBM, weight, quantity.

- Reports from Focus WMS can be exported into Excel and PDF formats and new reports can be designed through Crystal Report Designer. This includes menu driven and comprehensive reporting module, various reports like Storer Information, Stock Details, Occupancy Utilization Report, Short Expiry Report, Billing Reports, Empty Locations Report, and others.

Focus WMS is a product from Focus Softnet Inc which has evolved from a inventory management system to an end to end Warehouse Management Solution which monitors the complete flow of inventory from receiving, warehousing and shipping, while ensuring that the institution is kept up to speed on any area that need attention to ensure that the processes are executed inline to achieve the defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Therefore Focus WMS is not just an inventory or warehouse management system but a true ERP for a warehouse, be it for 2PL or 3PL scenario.

Focus WMS's capability to adapt to 2PL or 3PL makes the software extremely flexible and robust to run seamlessly on a multi business model environment where an organization could be in both 2PL and 3PL activities.  With Focus Softnet's 25+ years of product development experience and with over 40,000 customers worldwide across varied business verticals, we have come with a warehousing management solution that's practical and address the need with precision and efficiency.