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UAE residents detained for unlawful YouTube videos

Abu Dhabi Police Prosecution charge four residents for misusing YouTube

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Four UAE residents were detained for seven days for posting unlawful video content on YouTube.

Abu Dhabi Police Prosecution said that the accused, three young men and one girl, were charged for misusing YouTube and the content posted is against UAE laws.

The video was 33 minutes in length and it featured one of the men and the girl, whilst the two other men filmed the video. In their statement, they said that they created a video to spread awareness advising girls not to meet people they only know through social media. It was then edited and posted on one of the personal YouTube accounts of the accused.

However the accused claim that the YouTube account was hacked and a one minute clip from the video was published. The accused claimed to have changed his settings from public viewing to private viewing but then deleted, after being advised of possible legal consequences.

The public prosecution stated the law of the misuse of technologies any content publicised on social media that harms society, such as words, sentences, signs, symbols, drawings, photographs and recordings.